Photos On Helen’s Blog – April 19-May 17, 2014

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Check out the photos on Helen’s Blog from April 19th to May 17, 2014. You will see there are many Toulouse-Lautrec, Belle Epoque, Art Nouveau posts. Scroll down to past the first few pages where there’s more to be seen, including the most detailed Toulouse-Lautrec post, and plenty of other interesting photos and stories, plus credits. Scroll right to the end of the Blog, if you want to see all the photos on the Blog, or for collages of them all, click here.    If you really want to know your hair history, check the website where are now over 3,000 photos with lots of information and tutorials and more …


Art Nouveau Hair Ideas from – 1897-1901

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Art Nouveau Hair and Fashion Ideas - 1897-19-1

Illustrations: Privat Livemont

There are so many books and so much online to inspire from the Belle Epoque/Art Nouveau periods.  I give some of the inspiration I have used over the years, from one of the books on the period in my personal research library.  I have always thought hair as well as fashions today can be inspired by hair and  fashions from the past.

The Art Nouveau illustrations here are from the book –  La Belle Epoque:  Masterworks by Combaz, Leo Jo, Livemont, and all  illustrations shown are by Privat Livemont of Belgium.  The hair, hair accessories, fashions, and the corset are interesting! For link to book on Amazon, click here

Top left to right: Woman Sculpting, 1901 … Hair detail from Corsets PD, undated … The Corsets PD full length, undated.  Bottom left to right: Biscuits de Beukelaer, 1900 … Corsets ad Bruxelles (Manufacture Royale, not in the book) … La Vague, 1897, something special technically and very beautiful


Be Inspired. But Have A Heart!

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Hoping to inspire you with the Toulouse-Lautrec MoMA exhibition lithos and posters, and the Belle Epoque era posts on this blog.  The next 7 posts.  And more to come as we near the July 26 opening.  But, please, if you do create photos for publication or for posts on Facebook or other social media after being influenced by this blog, have a heart and remember who inspired you!


Harry King, Famous Photo in British Vogue – 1983

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Photo: © Barry Lategan

Photo: © Barry Lategan

A Belle Epoque kind of look in this famous photo published in British Vogue, 1983. Harry King, who did this great hair remembers:  “We were supposed to go to India for this sitting but the visas didn’t come through,  We all shot up with antibiotics for the trip and got a swollen arm!   We did the ‘trip” in Lategan’s studio in NY.  It was Maria’s first job as a model and she was terrified. One of the most creative experiences. It won the Kodak award in UK for best editorial.”     For more on and by WorldGreat Harry King, click:

Hair by Harry King.  Makeup:  Rose Bonomo …  Model: Maria Von Hartz … Photo: © Barry Lategan for British Vogue, 1983 …   Editor: Grace Coddington.


Stylish Blouses & Shoes Belle Epoque – 1900

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New York Herald

New York Herald – 1900

For Fall, consider stylish blouses, shoes and buckles inspired by these Belle Epoque illustrations published in 1900 by the New York Herald for its first fashion supplement instructing ladies about style and fashions of the era.  (From the “La Belle Epoque” catalog by Philippe Julian and Diana Vreeland for The Metropolitan Museum of Art, published in 1982, with a forward and descriptions by Diana Vreeland about the era, the fashions, the mood, the times. Click to get the catalog for more research: 


Toulouse-Lautrec @ MoMA – 1890s

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Toulouse-Lautrec Lithographs.  Collage:

Toulouse-Lautrec Lithographs. Collage:

Here are some of Toulouse-Lautrec’s Lithographs coming to the MoMA Museum in NYC, a must-see exhibit from July 26 – March 2, 2015.   The bright orange and yellow hair Lautrec painted, everything Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau will be fodder for fashion – and the hair world.  Scroll down  for more Toulouse-Lautrec  blogs.  Be inspired.  Stay tuned for more …

Top left to right: La Troupe de Mademoiselle Églantine (Mademoiselle Églantine’s Troupe) 1896 …  Jane Avril, 1899 …  Divan Japonais, 1893.  Bottom left to right: Babylone d’Allemagne (German Babylon). 1894 … Confetti, 1894 … Reine de joie (Queen of Joy) 1892.