Downton Abbey 1920s Bob Bandeau – 2016

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Downton Abbey 1920s Bob Bandeau – 2016

Photo: PBS Masterpiece Theatre Downton Abbey

It started on January 3.   At 9 pm. On PBS. The final season of Masterpiece Theatre’s “Downton Abbey.”  With inspirational programs before and after the 9 pm event.  Catch up if you have missed it.  Worth it for the fashions alone.

In later episodes, watch for bobs, bandeaux, browbands, like this beaded version worn by Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley. See “The Downton Times” article in “The New York Sunday Times” today.  Check how the Howard Carter discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1922 influenced jewelry, fashion, furniture, film, art – and hair.  The Egyptian Bob, inspired by Egyptian art made an  appearance, and  headbands had an ancient Egyptian look, as worn by flappers of the era, and in one scene in Downton, not shown here.   What should catch on will be the headband bandeau, worn this way and that with many hairstyles.   Stay tuned …

To see the Official PBS trailer, where to catch up, times in your city, click HERE 


First Flicks @ Front, Femme Fatale Donna – 1971

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First Flicks @ Front, Femmes Fatale - 1971

Photos: Klaus Lucka

Do you know your hair history?  These three photos are from Raphael’s Femme Fatale Collection, 1971.  The all-one-length bobbed hairstyles featured flicks at the front, flattering the face.  So new, at the time, no one had done anything like them before.  Raphael said these looks were offered as “the answer to those ratty tatty growing-out layered looks” everyone had at the time.  For more Femme Fatales and more info, go to HairThen Raphael on

Hair by Raphael Santarossa … Makeup: Jacques LaFleur … Model: Donna Clarke … Photo: Klaus Lucka … Produced by Helen Oppenheim