Likes Vary For Same Photo On Socials – 2019

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 Likes Vary For Same Photo On Socials - 2019

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

Interesting how Likes and reactions can vary for the same photo on social media.  On my Facebook Profile page, where I only friend those I know, there are few Likes, 10.    On my Facebook Biz Buzz Page, click, where one has to pay a now-increased minimum fee of $10 for 3 days for most photos to be seen on the Newsfeed, an album with 23  fab photos has got  11 Likes, so far, and none for this photo.   On my Instagram page, the same photo has 184 Likes, so far, and growing, a lot for me.   I admit I do not do enough social media, not every day, as I should, and I do not Like everyone who follows me but, really, using Instagram click, is  more motivating – unless I post a photo of me, because that gets reactions on the Facebooks. It also illustrates how very different many of the followers are on the social media platforms.

Added Later – @Brigitte_Segura posted this very same photo  later on her Instagram page (click)  – and it got 1,099 Likes.

This fab fashion by Thierry Mugler is from his Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 1995-1996 Collection and is a “Venus Emsemble” with pearls scattered in unusual places.  It is from the Met Museum’s Camp: Notes on Fashion Spring  2019 Exhibition in the Costume Institute, which runs until September 8, 2019.