Colorific Coco Gauff in Canada – 2022

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Colorific Coco Gauff in Canada - 2022

Photos: Helen Oppenheim with Thanks to The Tennis Channel. Collage

Coco Gauff must surely be the most colorific tennis player out there, in tournament after tournament.  Not only that, but her braided hair is always interesting, with colorful headbands.  No matchy matchy for Coco, but the colors always work, and dazzle.  Here she is in action at the National Bank Open in Toronto, Canada, August 11, 2022, wearing her New Balance fab fashions, from top to toe, and that includes her new signature modern vintage shoe – and her ombré underwear.   The 18 year old, who plays singles and doubles, a future champ for sure, signed with New Balance when she was 14 and it was a very smart move because they are helping her to coordinate her look, to take it where no other tennis player has been.


Hair As Fabric by Silas Tsang for NAHA -2021

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Hair As Fabric by Silas Tsang for NAHA -2021

Photos: Andrew O’Toole for PBA/NAHA

Hair was made to look like fabric in 3D by Silas Tsang of Blushes in Ottowa, Canada, who was nominated as a Finalist for the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA 2021) in the Master Hairstylist of the Year category, one of 14 categories.    First, hairpieces and extensions were laid out very straight and flat, then gel was combed through them and hardened.   On the left, a razor was used to cut different, rectangular shapes from the hair, black lines were randomly drawn with a black marker, a look inspired by unique barcodes. resulting in an updo owing a lot to art. On the right, the hair was cut into honey comb/geometric shapes, then sprinkled, short, fine hair on top, the fabric-like hair wrapped around the head like the most unusual head wrap ever. There were 68 Finalists for the 32nd annual NAHA event which will take place on August 29th at the Cosmoprof North American Show (CPNA) in Las Vegas. Congratulations to all Finalists who produced some stunning creative ideas during difficult times. Tickets on sale in the Spring at

Hair:   Silas Tsang, Blushes, Ottowa, Canada with Dorothy Tsang … Makeup: Kylie O’Toole…   Fashion Stylist: Karly Brown … Photos: Andrew O’Toole for PBA/NAHA


NAHA Master HairStyling of the Year – 2019

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NAHA Master Hairstylist of the Year - 2019

Photos: Andrew O’Toole for NAHA/PBA

The Master Hairstylist of the Year Award for NAHA 2019 went to Silas Tsang of Ottowa, Canada.  Here are two of his three photos entered, all with unique textures and looking like no other hairstyles.  The North American Hairstyling Awards are prestigious in the professional hair world, and took place in Long Beach, California for the first time this year.

Hair: Silas Tsang, Blushes, Ottowa, Ontario, Canada … Photos: Andrew O’Toole for NAHA/PBA


Sleepers Wide and Wild – 1975

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Sleepers Wild and Wide - 1975

Photos: Serge Beauchemin

In 1975, hair was getting bigger in Europe and in Montreal, La Coupe’s testing ground for high fashion hair trends, the world-class innovators made the hair bigger than big, and wide, very wide. With a new texture, thanks to an old crimping machine.  More later on that. For more Sleepers, HairThen,  La Coupe, 70s on

Hair Cut: Charles Booth, Crimped: Elmer Olsen, La Coupe … Makeup: Electa, Electa & Corrado … Fashions: Renato Balestra Couture, Holt Renfrew Canada … Crystal Glass: Baccarat … Model: Rudy Maciukas … Location: The Royal Suite, Chateau Champlain Hotel, Montreal … Photos: Serge Beauchemin  … Produced/Concept/Fashion Styling: Helen Oppenheim