Hair Inspiration Divine by Carita, Paris – 1972

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Hair Inspiration Divine by Carita, Paris – 1972

Photos: Sarah Moon

I called this hair “Divine” when I published these photos in my Montreal Star “Right On” weekly quarter page column in 1972 (my first venture into journalism.).  It still is.  As are the photos by the great Sarah Moon.  And I found another angle (left)  of the look recently.

The hair message from the Paris Maison de Beauté was the mid-long hair was modeled on a little girl’s haircut, scissor-cut to one length, slightly longer in the front.  The ends were turned under and black combs held the sides for a “yesteryear” look.  The makeup included dark turquoise eyes, with pink under the brows which met and blended into pinky-red blush placed very high on the cheekbones.  The brows were arched, finer than ever (a trend in 1972) and the lips were red.

Hair/Makeup:  Carita Paris 1972 … Model: Sue Baloo … Photos: Sarah Moon