Hair Legend Lluis Llongueras Dies – 2023

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Hair Legend Lluis Llongueras Dies – 2023

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The legendary Lluis Llongueras passed away in Barcelona on May 29, 2023 after a long illness.   He was 87 years old.  Condolences to his family for the loss of a very special man.  So many memories.

The Catalan phenomenon was the most famous hairdresser ever in Spain, building an empire with so many salons and centers bearing his name, the numbers vary from 50  salons in Spain, to 70, and 120 salons and centers world wide.

He Founded and was Director of the monthly Peluquerias Magazine from 1969 to 2022.  I was US Correspondent for the hair art magazine like no other in the whole world from 1982 to 2022.  At various times, the magazine with my columns and those of Correspondents in Paris, London, Italy, Australia,  was published in Argentina, Russia, Ukraine, China, South Korea and I was translated in each language.

Not only was he a pioneering hairdresser, often avant-garde and trend-setting, an inspiration to hairdressers all over the world, he was also an entrepreneur, a sculptor, photographer, painter, poet, and author – with an impressive number of exhibitions and books for each talent.

Salvador Dali was his client for 30 years, and Llongueras knew how to make that mustache stand up.  In 1979, he did the Guinness wig in the Mae West hall at Dali’s Museum in Figuras and when Dali died, he published a book – “My particular Dali – an homage to a genius and friend.  For some great stories and photos on Llongueras and Dali – CLICK HERE

He always made me laugh.  Witness photos in this memoriam  homage collage of me with him in London, Miami, New York and photos I took of him in his Barcelona studio  with his sculptures.