Profile on Helen Oppenheim in Launchpad – 2013

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Helen Oppenheim Profile in Launchpad - 2O13

Launchpad June 2013

Launchpad Conversations Profile on Helen Oppenheim, title Past Perfect. Some of the firsts.   Full page, 5 photos (4 La Coupe, 1 Raphael) on website.  And top photo on Index page.  Thank you Marianne Dougherty and Launchpad.  Top photo, 60s hair, first layered look, by Charles Booth, La Coupe …2nd photo: 70s hair, first waved bob by Kim Lepine … 3rd photo: 70s hair, Détente with first decorated wave clips, by Kim Lepine … 4th photo: 70s hair, first French braiding by Antonio da Costa Rocha … bottom photo: 70s hair, Femme Fatale, first flips at front by Raphael  – go to HairThen on for more on the hair and see Launchpad to read more on me!

Profile on Helen Oppenheim in Launchpad – 2013