Chroma 3D Hair Color Inspirations – 2020

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Chroma 3D Hair Color Inspirations - 2020

Photo: Paula Tizzard

The hair is the canvas. Hair color possibilities are endless. Here are two painterly bobs, by Rossa Jurenas, North American Color Director at Schwarzkopf Professional, and a Finalist nominated in the Hair Color Category at NAHA 2020, awards ceremony taking place on January 25, 2020.. The color was inspired by Gucci and Chroma, which makes use of 3D holograms to produce effects like these. If you want to wear your hair color for longer, get the effect on a wig. Who can tell if it is a wig these days, if it is a good wig. Think of it as a cool hat!

Hair:Rossa Jurenas, Tillonburg, Ontario, Canada … Makeup: Florencia Taylor … Fashion Styling: Swish Productions … Photos: Paula Tizzard for NAHA/PBA