Colorific Peluquerias Cover NAHA WINNER – 2018

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 Colorific Peluquerias Cover NAHA WINNER – 2018

Photo: Babak

This is the Peluquerias Magazine Cover for June 2018, #555.   It features colorific hair by Lori Zabel, a NAHA/PBA Finalist for 2018 in the Haircolor category.  Lori was inspired by the geometric looks of the season for cut and color. “The ’70s also inspired me, and the styles of Biba in London. I love doing color that has a perfect palette and a quirky bit of color that isn’t expected,” she said. “I cut the hair blunt with a bit of softness at the sides and back. the blonde color was finished with a cool clean white blonde.   I sectioned the hair in its exact finish so it would lay perfectly in its geometric place. The black color is a permanent color so it won’t run into the other colors, the bright colors were with Redken City Beats because they don’t run either (very important with such blonde hair.) The yellow was mixed with a yellow and gold to get the perfect tone, and the blue was mixed for vibrancy with a bit of a vintage feel.” Congratulations Lori Zabel. Wishing you well on July 27 when the Winners will be announced in Las Vegas.
BREAKING NEWS.  JULY 30.   Lori Zabel was the Winner in the Hair Color Category for NAHA 2018.

Hair: Lori Zabel, Dop Dop Salon NY for NAHA/PBA … Haircolor: Redken City Beats … Products: Redken Satinwear 04 Thermal Smoothing Stying Lotion … Makeup: Marie-Laure Larrieu & Gwendoline … Fashion Styling: Pascal & Jeremie … Photo: Babak


Musical Hair Hit The Right Note – 1992

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Musical Hair Hit The Right Note - 1992

Photos: Neal Fenkell Harris … Collage by

1992.  Waifs. Gamines. Colorific color. Wigs. Kim Lepine.   This was the Musical Hair Collection by Kim Lepine and Rita Starnella of La Coupe New York.  While not so new looking now, these looks were very new then and hit the right note.  For more with detailed how-tos, click here:

Hair: Kim Lepine, Color Rita Starnella, La Coupe New York … Makeup: Ciana … Models: Nina Kotova/Ford and top right Max/Lure … Graphic Guion Beecher … Photos: Neal Fenkell Harris.  Produced by Helen Oppenheim