Crown of Romantic Roses for Brides – 2013

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Crown of Romantic Roses for Brides - 2013

Photo: Krisztian Lonyai

A romantic crown of roses on top of long cascading hair has a fairytale bohemian feel and is the way many brides would love to look.   By Danielle Keasling, Salon Karma who says the model’s amazingly thick hair was given even more volume with a cocktail of products and 20 pre-set clip-on human hair extensions by Racquel Welch for HairUWear, after which the hair was finger-combed.  For more bridal  hair inspirations, click HERE

Hair and Makeup: Danielle Keasling, Salon Karma, Bluffton, SC …Products: Matrix Design Pulse Thermo Glide, Go Big Mousse, Thermal Spray, HairUWear P.O.P. Extensions …  Photo: Krisztian Lonyai


Temporary Dreadlocks – 2016

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Temporary Dreadlocks - 2016

Photo: Zoe Christou Welsh

These temporary twisted dreadlocks, aka dreads, were created to mimic the hair trend that has now been redeveloped and reintroduced.  They are intentionally matted sculpted ropes of hair, without the commitment.  From Danielle Keasling’s “Twisted” Collection, these embellished refined edgy looks are enhanced with hot new earthy metallic colors –   “raw, fresh, current to celebrity trends, organic, beautiful, artful,” said the hair innovator who owns Salon Karma, in Bluffton, SC.  Each photo got a full page for a lovely double page spread in my column of the March 2017 issue of Peluquerias Magazine, published in Barcelona, Spain.

Hair: Danielle Keasling, Salon Karma, Bluffton, SC … Products: Matrix Stylelink, Rough Me Up, Height Riser, Texture Building, Volume Fixer … Makeup: Timothy Cabell … Photo: Zoe Christou Welsh