Twin Peaks TV Series Returns – 2017

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Twin Peaks TV Series Returns – 2017

Photo: Courtesy ShowTime

When Twin Peaks first aired in 1990-1991, it scared me silly. It was very weird. But I never missed an episode. Having recently seen a few scenes from those early episodes, not sure how I will feel today about the return 25 years later, the continuation of the goings on due to premiere on ShowTime May 21 at 9 pm ET/PT.   Hope to be just as into whatever they come up with to replace whatever happened to Laura Palmer in the cult tv series, directed then and now by David Lynch, created and written then and now by Mark Frost and David Lynch. Kyle MacLachlan is back as Special Agent Dale Cooper and some of the old cast, like David Duchovny, Lara Flynn Boyle, Sherlyn Flynn, Joan Chen and more. The new cast is said to include Naomi Watts, Laura Dern, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Amanda Seyfried, Monica Belucci, Ashley Judd, Jim Belushi, Michael Sera, and more. Can it be?  Can’t wait to find out … Stay tuned …

(May 21.  Saw first episode.  It is very weird.  Weirder than ever.  Is it the past … or is it the future?  Goodness knows what it is !!  To find out more, click HERE )