Seen On Scene New York Fashion Week 3 – 2015

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Scene New York Fashion 3 – 2015

Photos: Helen Oppennheim … Collage by

Day 3. Fab Fashionistas Seen on Scene at Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week for Spring 2015. A hot day. Hot. In the 90s.

Top Row Left to Right: Chloe, future supermodel and her Mom backstage at the marvelous Mara Hoffman show. She was a natural in front of the camera, loved her, and her hair … Frances Estrada, fashion blogger, wearing Jean Cintron, the designer seen here with her long dress (backview) – more on her website: … Veneto aka Neto Soberanes in his teal and blue shirt and shorts by EFM (Engineered for Motion), a transparent clutch. More on his website: …

Bottom Row Left to Right:  Anais Simone with braided two-tone top knot wearing Marina Dobreva fashions … She was in a rush, so no name or info but interesting blonde wrap-around hair … Frances Estrada YSL bag with tassel, a wrist full of bracelets … Veneto Soberanes multi-colored sandals by Camper Together X Bernhard Willhelm.


Scene NY Fashion Week Day 3 – Fall 2014

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Photos: Helen Oppenheim ... Photo Collage:

Photos: Helen Oppenheim … Photo Collage:

Day 3 at NY Fashion Week was a problem day.  I lost my notebook with all the names/info/emails of the people I photographed for the Blog.  It might turn up, I had my contact details in it and have contacted all who can help.  I have only two names, so please forgive me everyone else and know I will rectify if a kind heart found it.  Here is what I remember.  Top left, hair swirl on someone who works with Michael Kors, his ring and watch follow … Mara Hoffman jewelry designer, photographed backstage with blue hair, nose ring, a dress and jewelry  like no other … TIGI hairdresser with green hair … Bottom left to right: avant-garde fashion designer with hair gelled up to there … High platform sneakers … Journalism/PR student with jewel-encrusted headband, pearls who wants to intern at Vogue after graduation … At Mara Hoffman backstage, Scott Wimsett, in his cool coat from Morocco … fun hat … two fashionista bloggers … Loose pigtails, pleats, great jacket. To see these images bigger, check Seen on Scene on website shortly.