Stunning Dress & Choker @ Denibi NYFW – 2018

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Stunning Dress & Choker @ Denibi NYFW – 2018

Photo: Dan Lecca

Love the shoulders, the dress and wide sliver choker at Denibi’s Spring/Summer New York Fashion Week Show. The collection was inspired by the city of Barcelona, African heritage and minimalism. This was Fadel Denibi’s first show at New York Fashion Week and it took place at Chelsea Pier 59, The hair by Nelson Velcher, Rita Hazan, NY (back view with hair action not shown here) had three long different-sized braids down the back. Stay tuned for more versions of the hair and to see more fashions, CLICK HERE:

Makeup: Angie Parker, RMS Beauty … Hair:   Nelson Vercher, Rita Hazan, NYC … Products:   Rita Hazan … Photos: Dan Lecca