Terry Singh’s New Suit @ Men’s Day – 2024

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Terry Singh’s New Suit @ Men’s Day – 2024

Photos:  Fred J. DeVito

Terry Singh featured The New Suit at his Men’s Day Presentation for Spring/Summer 2024 during New York Fashion Week   He showed a fusion of diverse cultures and a bold challenge to preconceived notions of masculinity with his dhotis, a traditional Indian garment symbolizing freedom and self-expression. Singh believes that a suit can be worn for a multitude of occasions, from casual to very formal and entitled his Collection – Where Fashion Ignites Fearless Identity

Lead Hair: Jenelle Oldham and Team Oribe … Products: Oribe
Lead Makeup: Michelle Webb with Team for Augment Tokyo using Burn Beauty Products …  Footwear: Dr Martens …  Photos: Courtesy Terry Singh and Fred J. DeVito

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