Alicia Machado, Miss Universe – 1996

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Alicia Machado, Miss Universe – 1996

Photo: Dominique Silberstein

Miss Universe in 1996, 19 year old Alicia Machado of Venezuela looking very different, not with beauty pageant hair, in this high fashion shoot. The layered hair with a mix of loose waves and curls, by John Sahag, was very modern, way ahead of its time as it rose up to and out to there, to imperfect perfection. This was the back cover of Hairdresser’s Journal UK but the photo was probably done for other purposes, unknown.  Now, Alicia Machado is in the news again, thanks of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.    To see more John Sahag editorials, click HERE

Hair: John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop, 1996 … Photo: Dominique Silberstein