Photos Helen’s Blog April 10 – May 19 2023

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Photos Helen’s Blog April 10 - May 19 2023

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Collage of photos, hair history, info and inspo on Helen’s Blog from April 10 to May 19, 2023. (Some the dates may not be 100% accurate with a blog or two out of order, but are close)

Top  & 2nd Rows: Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty, the Costume Institute’s Spring 2023 Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Photos: The Metropolitan Museum of Art , Top Left Photo: Lagerfeld at work by Annie Leibovitz,)

Rows 3 & 4, far left: Easter Parade 5th Avenue Fab Fun Hats (Photos: Helen Oppenheim)

Row 3, right: Marcel Waves Return, Again: (Photos left and center: Hair Kim Lepine/Antonio da Costa Rocha, Photos Serge Beauchemin, right: Hair Kim Lepine, Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre)

Row 4, right:Marcel Waves Return, Again (L-R: Hair Paul Labreque, Marco Vogt, Romero Jennings/Mac Cosmetics, all Photos:Helen Oppenheim at NY Fashion Weeks).     To see All Collages archived on the Website, CLICK HERE