Modern Abstract ’20s-Inspired Wigs -2011

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Modern Abstract '20s-Inspired Wigs -2011

Photos: Helen Oppenheim

Dramatic black wig by Edward Tricomi with cut-in waves at Douglas Hannant’s Deco-inspired glamorous New York Fashion Week Show for Fall 2011. The Warren-Tricomi well-trained staff had a great time each cutting their own versions of the look and they all worked!  Accolades to  good salon education in the hands of Edward “Scissorhands” Tricomi, who is now offering Education Workshops at the Plaza Salon location.  For 27 photos from this show with a detailed visual how-to on preparing to wear a wig on long thick hair, CLICK HERE

Hair: Edward Tricomi, Warren-Tricomi Salons, NYC … Makeup: Romero Jennings for MAC Cosmetics … Model: Unknown … Backstage Photos: Helen Oppenheim


Edward Tricomi’s Flower Fantasy – 2018

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Edward Tricomi's Flower Fantasy - 2018

Photo: Robert Presutti

This fabulous flower fantasy features flowers in a riot of colors, shapes and sizes pinned and wired onto a wig which was turned upside down and “sprayed to death,” said Edward Tricomi, Warren-Tricomi Salons of his wondrous hair rising to a peak way up to there, an image he has used to help promote his products and his new Education programs to learn the Warren-Tricomi way, and published in the March issue of Peluquerias Magazine, in my column.

Hair: Edward Tricomi, Warren-Tricomi Salons NYC … Product: Warren Tricomi Superhold Hair Spray … Makeup: Vicky Steckel … Photo: Robert Presutti


NYFW Backstage Hair Moment – 2004

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NYFW Backstage Hair Moment - 2004

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

A New York Fashion Week backstage hair moment.  Love this.  Polly Mellen, the famous former fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Creative Director at Allure, and Edward Tricomi co-owner Warren-Tricomi Salons having a hair moment which also affected the model at the Douglas Hannant NYFW 2004 show.  Are you sure, Mellen seems to be saying?  No one seems sure, except the hairdresser, who  ended up doing a great job, as always. This scene is a testament to confidence, patience, experience and a lot of caring and how it is not easy to do the hair for a fashion show at this level.  This is one of the few photos I have digitalized, so far, from the shows I photographed on film in the early 2000’s. I have a lot  of great photos only on film.
Photo: Helen Oppenheim


The Blue Part – 2016

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The Blue Part – 2016

Photo: © Helen Oppenheim

The blue part, a cool idea by Edward Tricomi, co-founder of the Warren-Tricomi Salons at the Plaza and worldwide, is so simple. Yet effective, high impact, edgy.  The electric blue chalk part can be worn with many hairstyles, as long as a clean part is possible. Best of all, it washes out and the part smarties can do it in any color.   The blue part made it debut at the Just Drew Show in a Style Fashion Week Show for Fall 2016 at Gotham Hall – many shows integrating international designers and media celebrities as models, including Tiffany Trump.  For more,  click HERE

Hair: Edward Tricomi, Warren-Tricomi Salons … Product: Warren-Tricomi Hair Spray and Blow Dry Serum … Makeup: VooDoo …  Photo: © Helen Oppenheim



Snap Packer Celebs Backstage NYFW – 2016

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Snap Packer Celebs Backstage - 2016

Photo: © Helen Oppenheim

The scene backstage at Gotham Hall during Style Fashion Week.  To the left, in the  black New York T, one of the celeb models taking part in the Andrew Warren Just Drew show – Tiffany Trump. (This was the 22 year old’s first runway show.) Other celeb models getting their hair done in this photo include Elissa Johnson (daughter of Magic Johnson), Gaia Matisse (great great granddaughter of the painter Henri Matisse), Reya Benitez (daughter of Jellybean Benitez ), Kyra Kennedy (daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr) and the back of Edward Tricomi’s head. I didn’t get a good or finished hair photo any of the girls because I was totally concentrating on hair shots, and no one told me who was there. Missed opportunities! To see the lead article in the New York Times Style Section on the Snap Packers, today’s Rat Pack, the designer, Andrew Warren, and the girls in this photo, click HERE 

Hair: Edward Tricomi, Warren-Tricomi Salons … Makeup: VooDoo … Photo: © Helen Oppenheim


Wash-Out Chalks Stripe Hair – 2016

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Wash-Out Chalks Stripe Hair - 2016

Photo: © Helen Oppenheim

Seen on Scene during New York Fashion Week for Fall 2016 – Zachary, aka Zak, a Warren Tricomi Stylist (#ZStyled) His disconnected barber cut with length on top was by Anthony Diaco at the Warren-Tricomi Madison Avenue Salon, and the wash-out art chalks used on the stripes were by Edward Tricomi, who used blue ones on the models at the Just Drew Show.   Stay tuned …

Photo: © Helen Oppenheim


Seen on Scene @ Style Fashion Week – 2016

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Seen on Scene @ Style Fashion Week - 2016

Photos: © Helen Oppenheim. Collage by

Seen on Scene 5. Top Left to Right: Zachary, aka Zak, a Warren-Tricomi Stylist, with his chalked in hair color stripes … Alba Randolph, a Warren-Tricomi stylist with her black and white “angles” nails (Essie) and her hair which is “not white enough today” … Second Row: A fun fur coat, worn by actress Abigail Breslin, Oscar-nominated for “Little Miss Sunshine” in 2006, and soon to star in ABC-TV’s “Dirty Dancing” – in the Jennifer Grey role from the 1987 movie with Patrick Swayze … Abigail’s bag I want, spot-on hot with the pin-trend … Green hair on Marta Brandyslemcz who says she did it the night before with wash-out chalks from Ricky’s … Bottom Row: Hadley Laster, a beauty, top model of the future, in a Tiara for Bentley & Lane’s kids’ collection, designer Elizabeth Copeland … Style Fashion Week at Gotham Hall, featured shows of diverse cultures with international designers, media celebrities, commerce, and about 50 kids in two shows, with many more shows being prepped in one big room backstage at the same time! I came out quite dizzy a cold the next day!  Stay tuned for larger photos of the best of my blogs and Edward Tricomi’s hair for Just Drew, designer Andrew Warren, coming soon to albums on

Abigail Breslin makeup by Will Sullivan/VooDoo … Hadley Laster hair by Joseph DiMaggio, Davines,  makeup by Rita Lucerto/Voodoo … Photos: © Helen Oppenheim


Asymmetrical Slant White Wig – 2016

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Asymmetrical Slant White Wig - 2016

Photos: © Paul Morejón

Asymmetrical slant wig, “sort of a surf cut,” said Edward Tricomi of his white wigs at the Cristina Ruales New York Fashion Week Show for Spring 2016, which took place outside, on a lovely sunny day, at the Out Hotel. “It is a very modern bob with symmetrical bangs, inspired by the way the fashion designer cuts fabrics,” said Edward. The makeup, by Mahasin Phillips for Inglot, focused on the eyes, not following the shape of the eye but the striking Metallic Silver was blended and smudged out. The lips were a skin tone with a pop of shine. For more on this show, including how to add a wig to long hair, click HERE

Hair: Edward Tricomi, Warren-Tricomi Salons … Makeup: Mahasin Phillips, Inglot … Photos: © Paul Morejón