See On Scene New York Fashion Day 6 – Fall 2014

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Photos: Helen Oppenheim ... Collage:

Photos: Helen Oppenheim … Collage:

Day 6, Seen on Scene at Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week for Fall 2014, a bitterly cold day.  Top left to right:  Colorific Sharon Langert ( in a Ted Baker skirt, Betsy Johnson, with a Chanel bag, Tom Ford sunglasses … Closeup of Sharon Langert’s fingerless gloves, blue nails, tassel … Pop singer, Eryn Woods and her pink hair (sponsored by Manic Panic.) “I’m on the road so much,” she said, “that I do my own hair.”  Wow!  She pops in MessQueen NY, Patricia Fields, rings by Karmaloop. Middle row, left to right: Valentino shoes worn by Tali Meltser,  a
Merchandiser for Sports Licensing … Super sleeves on a Diane Von Furstenberg  jacket, worn by Goldie, a student.   Bottom left to right: A French nanny, her boots bought “somewhere in SoHo,” her ring “in a little shop in New York,” all put together with French Style as she waits by the Lincoln Center fountain all bundled up in the freezing cold … Nails pop on Eryn Woods, each nail a different design, by Yoko In L.A.  To the right of  pink-haired pop singer, Mercedes-Benz’s latest car on show in the Lobby, the GLA-Class SUV arriving in a showroom near you this Fall.  Fashion details worth a look, see larger photos in a few days on the website.  Last day.  xx