Eva Salvail, Bald Model With Tattoo On Scalp – ’90s

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 Eva Salvail, Bald Model With Tattoo On Scalp – '90s

Photos by Unknowns

Suddenly, out of the blue, this 2015 blog got 531 Page Views on my website, so I am reposting it!   In the ’90s, Eva Salvail was a hot model, shocking everyone with her head shaved bald and a Chinese dragon tattooed on her scalp. The French-Canadian model walked the runways for top European fashion designers, first discovered by Jean-Paul Gaultier. And appeared in movies, including- Pret-a-Porter (1994) … Unzipped (1995) .. The Fifth Element I1997.) In 1995 or 1996, she was modeling in a fashion show at The United Nations for which the legendary John Sahag did the hair, and I was photographed (bottom right) with Eva – who had some hair at the time. Now she is also known as DJ Evalicious, with her head shaved bald, or hair dyed pink or blonde, and you might see her in the booths of hot clubs in New York, Miami, Chicago or LA.