Jerry Mylnchuck’s Bald Head Fantasies – 1983

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Jerry Mylnchuck's Bald Head Fantasies – 1983

Photos: Peter Brandt

Introducing the extraordinary work of Jerry Mylnchuck, makeup and hair artist like no other. He was obsessed making beautiful girls bald for one night through the use of makeup.   In 1983, we photographed these bald head fantasies with foil headdress and fashions designed by Jerry, exclusively for Peluquerias Magazine.   You can see Jerry at work bottom left applying lipstick and Peter Brandt, the photographer, in action center bottom with Jerry in the background. The photos bottom right show the antics while removing the bald formula after the shoot.

Hair and Makeup: Jerry Mylnchuck … Foil Headdress and Fashions: Jerry Mylnchuck … Model: Leslie Henderson … Photos: Peter Brandt