Trend Alert. ’80s Big Shoulders – 1984

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 Trend Alert. '80s Big Shoulders - 1984

Photo: © Irving Penn

Trend Alert.  Wide shoulders. As worn in the ’80s are returning.  One can feel it. Maybe not mainstream this year but watch out for more next year. This was first posted in 2016.  I post it again. It takes time, and now Marc Jacobs and others showed big shoulders on the Fall 2018 runways.  Meanwhile, check out this Vogue 1984 editorial with big shoulders, worn with hair by WorldGreat Ezel.    Check out all his work from the ’80s to the present, especially the hoot of a video at the end of Photo 8, click HERE

Hair: Ezel, Bumble and Bumble, 1984 … Makeup: François Nars … Model: Kim Williams
Photo: © Irving Penn for Vogue Magazine.


Big Sexy Hair Swept To One Side – 2015

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Big Sexy Hair Swept To One Side - 2015

Photo: © Paul-Henri Pesquet

Graphic hair by Ezel, Sachajuan’s International Editorial Director, who broke up the shape by deconstructing the lines for a rich hair texture, contrast and depth. The swept to one side style, big and sexy, is a “just out of bed look.”   The photographer worked the light to get this very bright morning daylight feel, and emphasized a contrast-y black graphic quality to the photographs to echo and relate to the graphic quality of the backgrounds, and the hair. For more by WorldGreat, Ezel, click HERE 

Hair: Ezel for Sachuan … Product: Sachajuan Ocean Mist, Shine Serum … Photo: © Paul-Henri Pesquet


Multiple Magic by Ezel – 2012

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Photo: © Harry Fellows

Photo: © Harry Fellows

WorldGreat Ezel was famous in the ’80s with Vogue cover after cover working on the heads of the world’s top models for all the major magazines. He is still a force, as can be seen in this 2012 photo, which he called Multiple Magic.

The photographer, Harry Fellows, shattered glass and shot into the glass. A great idea.  “When I saw the multiple image in the camera, I realized making the hair really big would have most impact,” said Ezel. So the hair was swept sexily to one side, and dressed big with the help of Sachajuan Styling Gel and Super Strong Hairspray. (Ezel is now International Editorial Director at Sachajuan) For more on Ezel then and now, editorials, a video click here:

Hair: Ezel … Makeup: A. J. Crimson … Fashion Stylist: Amber Stolec … Photo: © Harry Fellows (Courtesy Collection Online Magazine)


Ezel Speaks – 1986

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A must-see video of WorldGreat Ezel being interviewed in 1986 by Dwight Miller for Millers New York/ Zotos International. Ezel, a famous freelance editorial hairdresser with Vogue covers and more to his name, had just arrived in America and listen to his insights on the industry. Be warned! He uses a lot of bad words. A lot! But he is hilarious. And interesting for today as  well as way back then.

Video Produced by Salon Video Network.

For a hoot of a bio and more on WorldGreat Ezel, and his photos in and by all the majors, click


My Article in Ukraine Mag – Ezel 2012

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Helen Article in Ukraine Mag - Ezel 2012

Photo: David Zanes

My article in Peluquerias Magazine, the Ukraine edition.  Peluquerias is published in Barcelona, Spain, and has editions also published in Italy, Turkey, Columbia, Ukraine, each with my column, 6-9 pages x 8 months of the year.  We have Correspondents in Paris, London, Italy and I am US Correspondent, also covering Canada. My column is read in just about every country in the world …

This page features “The Cat In The Hat Blue Boy” with hair up to there, by Ezel in 2012. For more, go to  WorldGreats, Ezel, on

Hair: Ezel, using 3 More Inches Hair Care by Michael Van Clarke … Model: Dallas Albert/Red Models … Photo: David Zanes for Dapifer Magazine



Black Wig Over Blonde Hair – 2012

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Black Wig Over Blonde Hair - 2012

Photo: Edward Cruz

A black bob wig over long blonde hair with black extensions here and there.  “It looked silly at first,” said the one and only Ezel ,“but as we started to work on it, with a blow dryer and straightening iron, then moved it around, it looked absolutely amazing. Quite honestly I think it was the best thing I did all year,” he added.   For more of Ezel’s Editorial work (from the 80s to present) go to WorldGreats on

Hair: Ezel/Marilyn Ballard for Sachajuan … Makeup: Edward Cruz/Timothy Priano … Fashion Stylist: Amber Stolec … Model: Danielle … Photo: © Eddie Collins (Courtesy Noise Magazine)



Waving Beauty Aimee Mullins, Hair by Ezel – 2011

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Waving Beauty - Aimee Mullins - 2011

Photos: Curtis Eberhardt …McQueen: Helen Oppenheim

This waving beauty, Aimee Mullins, with hair by Ezel, holds three world records at the Paralympics, not letting the loss of both legs at age one stop her sprinting and long jumping.

The American athlete and actress was named by People Magazine one of the “50 Most Beautiful People” in 1997,  and is a one-time Alexander McQueen model – he made  special legs for her runway
appearance in his Spring 1999 show – photo here taken at  his Metropolitan Museum of Art show, 2011 (bottom row.)

Ezel added clip-on extensions for this glam Marcel-waved look.  More details, full credits, WorldGreats, Ezel, on

Hair: Ezel, Chirospa Salon, Northport, NY … Makeup: Samantha Trinh … Fashion Styling: Marie Wilson … Photos: Curtis Eberhardt