Story Behind Famous Vidal Sassoon Wig 1965

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Story Behind Famous Vidal Sassoon Wig 1965

Photo: Bert Stern

One of many nostalgia Old School Sassoon posts on Facebook, this one by Dennis Dituri, asked a question – “Anyone know who cut this look? ” Many Comments, Likes and Shares later, the story comes to light about a gorgeous and famous asymmetric wig – from Charles Booth, ex Sassoon and later owner of La Coupe Salons in New York and Canada, who wrote and sent me a tattered copy of the page:  “Hi Helen as you can see by the credit, I did that NY Vogue shoot at the tender age of 19. The model was Marisa Berenson, at the time my client. Those wigs were cut by Vidal but how they were made cut and fitted with eyelash glue, etc would fill a book. They were amazing quality, revolutionary, the amount of natural hair, a natural crown position. Putting them on a block, perfectly cutting them again and again – and a point that has always stuck in my mind is that Vidal taught me how to thin the hair on wigs with a razor, especially around the hairline. (You know razor cutting was not part of the legend, but he was brilliant at it, he once threw one at me because it wasn’t sharp enough!!)   We cleaned them with the now banned carbon tetrachloride that would knock you out if you inhaled the fumes for too long. We set them, combing them out, immaculately. I gave a better photo of this shoot to Michael Gordon for the movie but never got it back.”  Scroll down to see the Old School Sassoon post and Comments on Facebook, CLICK HERE

Wig Styled by Charles Booth, Cut by Vidal Sassoon … Fashions: Ungaro … Model: Marisa Berenson … Photo: Bert Stern for American Vogue 1965.