Brigitte Segura Curly Hair Tips – 2022

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Brigitte Segura Curly Hair Tips - 2022

Photo/Video: Helen Oppenheim

I always love the curly hair don’t care look of Brigitte Segura, the cut, the style, color, everything about it.  The Creative Strategist/Consultant Fashion Daily Mag Curator tells us her secrets how she gets the wonder on her head.
Must-see details follow,  but first check out this video for some styling tips (on Safari click the arrow)  –

“First a great cut, gentle trims, and color are musts for maintaining my hair,” she says.  Since the pandemic she has worked with two “fabulous” hair people who make house calls.  Coco, a curly friendly hairstylist, for major cuts and trims, once a year taking off inches and inches., so the hair will grow in more healthy with more abundant curls that help with the volume on the base of the hair, how the volume lifts the hair.  Rocco Barbetto gives a 1 process color with painted highlights.

“Keeping my  hair healthy is key,” adding “less is more.”  Her naturally curly hair can have wavy or super curly textures and the effect of hair painting enables a natural curly look.  Some types of styling products inhibit her natural curls from forming so she doesn’t use a gel, mousse, curl enhancing styling products or hairspray but, sometimes, reaches for a curling conditioner instead of a regular one.

The girl with curls washes her hair once a week with a good shampoo and conditioner, which doesn’t leave residue.   She uses conditioners, some with essential oils, to texturize her hair.   Brigitte wets her hair in the shower daily, adds conditioner, leaving a bit of conditioner in the hair,  A hydrating conditioner works better than a leave-in. one, which can ignite lots of fine hairs going everywhere.  The hair is gently towel-dried then air dried for about an hour.

To get overall volume, she then turns her hair upside down, gets her hands under the hair, close to the scalp, making sure the curls and ends of the hair on her shoulders are finger-brushed out (not the hairs around her face) then she gently squeezes the curls with the palms of her hands, twice, before flipping the hair back for volume and curls.

A spritz of water or a leave-in conditioner can refresh after a day or two and she often uses a mask for curly hair. Different conditioners are used for different textured looks, especially on hot/humid/windy days.  Hair as amazing as this doesn’t just happen …

Haircut: Coco R. @51922orever … Hair Color: @RoccoBarbetto
Products: PhilipB Volumizing Shampoo, Everyday Beautiful and Lovin” Leave-in Conditioners …
Bhave SuperNova Leave-in Elixir and Curl Defining Creme … Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Creme
Eufora Moisture Mask Damage Cure Complex

Photo and Video: Helen Oppenheim
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Fab Fashionista Brigitte Segura – 2019

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Photo: Helen Oppenheim

New York based Brigitte Sugara is an Influencer. Like no other.  She covered at least 12 shows a day during New York Fashion Week S/S 2020 over the last several days, mostly emerging designers, her specialty, and gets thousands of Likes per post on her Instagram pages ( and @brigitte_segura.) She is a taste maker for fashion, beauty, luxury and consults on brand development and more.  She is also known for her hair, a big mop of sexy curls, and what she wears when covering the shows,  usually with interesting layers added during the day. La Perla fashions on this Fab Fashionista here.  More from this day will be archived soon on this website. Stay tuned …

Photo: Helen Oppenheim


Parke & Ronen NYFW SS20 – 2019

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Parke & Ronen NYFW SS20 - 2019

Photo; Helen Oppenheim

This image is a technical mistake, but an interesting fun one.   I took the photo at the Ronen & Parke SS20 Presentation for Resort Fashions on behalf of at the Mercedes Club.  Stay tuned for a whole album on this website featuring cool men’s resort fashions for swimwear, sweaters, shorts and more.

Model: Joshua Sorrentino … Photo/Gif: Helen Oppenheim


Blue Stripes for Men @ NYFWM – S/S 2020

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Photos: Helen Oppenheim. Collage:

Parke & Rosen’s blue stripes for men at their NYFWM S/S 2020 Presentation for Resort fashions.   Just some of the latest looks for pool and beach they offered for cool men.  No shorts hovering around the knees at this Presentation which was held at the Mercedes Club. To see more photos, more of more men with great bods wearing some  fab fashions  at the Mercedes Club pool, and the fun coverage with almost all my photos CLICK HERE

Photos: Helen Oppenheim for Brigitte Segura, Fashion Daily Mag


Parke & Ronen Resort for Men – S/S 2020

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Parke & Ronen Resort for Men – S/S 2020

Photos Helen Oppenheim

The Mercedes Club was the perfect location for the launch of Parke & Ronen’s Resort New York Fashion Week Presentation for Men S/S 2020. Included new swimwear, shirts, shorts, tees, sweaters and more on some of the world’s best male bods. Here is Mason McKenrick @masonmckenrick at the pool showing some of what men will be wearing at the beach and pool.  Stay tuned for more …

Photos: Helen Oppenheim for Brigitte Seguara, Fashion Daily Mag @fashiondailymag