Vidal Sassoon Gold Lamé RagSet – 1981

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Vidal Sassoon Gold Lamé RagSet - 1981

Photos: Lorraine Sylvestre

Hair History.  This is the short version of Vidal Sassoon’s P-P-Puff, by Graham Wren in 1981.  The silhouette was injected with a healthy dose of fresh … air.  The natural-looking, casual silhouette was very new at the time, not just for Vidal Sassoon but for the world.  One could go from rags to riches to get this look if the hair was not naturally curly.   Our model, Kay Romero, wife of the then-President of Vidal Sassoon Salons, USA, Fernando Romero, had her hair set in gold lamé rags, which looked more glam than rollers, and she could have gone out on the town wearing them as her hair set!  The gold lamé rags made a Peluquerias Magazine Cover and captured a lot of press all over the world at the time!    For more, longer versions and how-to’s, CLICK HERE

Hair: Graham Wren, Vidal Sassoon, NY, 1981 …Makeup: Mariella Smith-Masters … Dress: Ellen Gleason … Earrings: Ken Begun … Model: Kay Romero … Photo: Lorraine Sylvestre
Produced by Helen Oppenheim


The $Million Jeans With Fernando Romero – 1980

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The Million $ Jeans With Fernando Romero – 1980

Photo: Courtesy Peluquerias Magazine

Here is Fernando Romero, President of Vidal Sassoon Salons USA and Canada onstage with the Vidal Sassoon Million Dollar Jeans in Barcelona, Spain, during a hair show we did in front of 2,000 people at the Palacio de Congressos for the annual Luis Llongueras Journadas, November 1980.

You can just see the Vidal Sassoon Logo made of real diamonds by De Beers in this photo. One day I will scan and put up some more photos from this show for which we all worked so hard, we almost missed seeing the Gaudis. For more on the jeans as first presented at the Canadian Launch with the Vidal Sassoon hair care products, click HERE

Photo: Courtesy Peluquerias Magazine


9 Canadian Launch 1980

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8_vs_Fernando Romero with Million Dollar Jeans

Fernando Romero with Million $ Jeans in Spain 1980

The Million $ Jeans in Spain

Here is Fernando Romero, President of Vidal Sassoon Salons USA and Canada
with the Vidal Sassoon Million $ jeans in Barcelona, Spain,
during a hair show we did in front of 2,000 people at the Palacio de Congresos
for the annual Luis Llongueras Journadas, November  1980.

Model: Kathy Davis
Photo: Courtesy: Pelulquerias Magazine

ANECDOTE: Helen with Vidal Sassoon USA in Barcelona, another saga to be told one day….



14 Soft Cubism 1979

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16 Soft Cubism 1979

Modern Marlene

 This version of the Modern Marlene, part of the Soft Cubism campaign, was by Fernando Romero,
then President of Vidal Sassoon Salons USA.

The asymmetric symmetric straight soft bob with more volume on one side and new cut-in
waves, is graduated with diffused edges and has versatile bi-level asymmetric fringes.
The length of the bob at both sides is symmetric.

Hair : Fernando Romero, Vidal Sassoon President, 1979
Wave Dress:   Ken Hanneman

Concept/Produced by Helen Oppenheim

(I do not have  makeup, model or photo credits but if anyone wants to provide them I will add them immediately.)

Fernando and I worked on this hair in the VIP room of the Vidal Sassoon Beverly Hills Salon
and he laughed: “I broke all the rules!”

We started photographing at around 4 pm, after a superb catered lunch (!)
We ran out of film at about midnight  for the video of the photo session, which went on to 4.30 am!
Fernando drove me back to my hotel in his jeep, which had no doors, he enjoyed taking
the corners fast but I pretended I wasn’t scared out of my wits, which I was!

Fernando used to go to Japan a lot in those days on Vidal Sassoon business.  On returning
after one visit, he told me this hairstyle (or maybe it was the side view version I can’t locate)
was on a whole building, big, the whole block big.  Sadly, I don’t have a photo.