World Cup Soccer Hair – 2018

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World Cup Soccer Hair - 2018

Photos Helen Oppenheim With Apologies to Fox TV Sports and FSI TV

The soccer hair at FIFA’s World Cup in Russia was mostly short, well groomed, often fading at the sides and back, and the news is clean parts, in the usual places, or to one side on top, or at the back, straight, slanted or zooming.  Some had zig zags carved in, a Nigerian had a green streak to match his top. Some of the best are:
Top Left to Right : Haoos of Germany with the soccer hair look most had, but better than most … Next to him a little slash to one side .. England’s Trippier also has his slash to one side, a littler longer … Parts zoomed at the back for France (Matudi) and Nigeria.
Middle Row : Hair part, fade … Portugal’s superstar Ronaldo just had a small slash at the top … Some had two parts, one either side … Brazil’s superstar Neymar started as a blonde with a ‘V’ slash at the back, then he changed to his natural color. Brazil is out,  so we miss Neymar’s winner.
Bottom Row : Poland’s Robert Lewandoski with his zig zag (thanks to Charles for starting me on soccer hair!) …. Another zig zag, blonde on top … Green stripe for Nigeria. Stay tuned for the Semi Finals on Tuesday and Wednesday, England vs Croatia, France vs Belgium, the Final on July 15 on Fox.

Photos Helen Oppenheim With Apologies to Fox TV Sports and FSI TV