New Beard & Mustache For NAHA/PBA – 2018

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 A New Beard & Mustache For NAHA/PBA – 2018

Photo: Ivan Otis

This is a new beard shape, for those with plenty of beard, balanced with a very wide mustache. Not sure it works with the great straight or straightened hair because the texture is so different, but the beard does have a certain look for those who want a certain look. It is by Paul Pereira of Marvel Salon in Toronto, who is a Finalist in the Men’s Hairstylist of the Year category for PBA/NAHA 2018.   The winners will be announced in Las Vegas, July 29.

Hair: Paul Pereira, Marvel, Toronto, ON … Makeup/Fashion Styling: Paul  Langill … Photo: Ivan Otis for NAHA/PBA