Fun Fashions, Buns, Veils @ PH5 – 2023

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Fun Fashions, Buns, Veils @ PH5 - 2023

Photos: Fred J. DeVito. Collage

The  theme for the PH5 Presentation for New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023 was “This is not a Jellyfish.” The hair, by Carly Loura, Cutler/Redken. was center parted, two oblong buns, one either side of the part, which were worn outside of fishnet veiling covering the hair and the face.

The designers, Zoe Champion and Wei Lin, went “deeper underwater, into a world where plastic can be mistaken for otherworldly life forms and a place we have barely explored is being impacted by us so greatly.”  90% of the materials used in the collection were made of recycled materials. Friends and family were asked to collect plastic from their lives and the designers gave them a second life as crochet bags.  For more hair, veils inspo and the fun whimsical fashions CLICK HERE

Lead Hair: Carly Loura, Cutler Salons/Redken … Products: Redken and Cutler … Lead Makeup: Molly Marie Gansfer, New York Makeup Academy …  Fashion Stylist: Coke HO … Photos: Fred J. DeVito


NYFW Red The Luxury Life Magazine – 2023

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NYFW Red The Luxury Life Magazine – 2023

Photos: Helen Oppenheim, Fred J. DeVito. (Red Cover Photo: Jeremy Freeman)

Sandra Smith-Doghmi, Publisher/Founder of Red The Luxury Life Magazine, a magazine for International Fashion, Film, Entertainment and Lifestyle, has published lovely full pages on New York Fashion Week photos by Helen Oppenheim and Fred J. DeVito in the January 2023 issue.

To see a selection of the stories/photos with full credits at Badlgey Mischka, Bosideng (at NYFW) and A. Potts,  Terry Singh (at Men’s Day) and to view the January issue, CLICK HERE and go to Pages 16 to 39.

Top Row: Badgley Mischka (Hair Peter Gray/Jamie Hollis and Team)
and Bosideng  (Hair Rodney Cutler, Cutler Salon/Redken)
Photos by Helen Oppenheim
Bottom Row: Terry Singh, A. Potts (Hiar Oribe Pro)
Photos by Fred.DeVito
(Red Cover Photo: Jeremy Freeman)