Selfies Helen’s Masks for Covid-19 – 2020

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Selfies Helen's Masks for Covid-19 - 2020

Photos: Helen Oppenheim

Selfies of me in my masks as I start to venture out in New York City!  Some very good friends have made or given me these masks, with great generosity, for which I am very grateful. Thank you.
Top Left to Right: There’s the comfortable surgical mask, one of 2 kindly given to me by Fred J. DeVito at the beginning along with an N95 one not shown … The N.95 in the center was also given to me by Fred J. DeVito …The black and white wide striped mask, easy to wear and fast drying, was given to me by Jennifer Lawrence, at the request of Kim Lepine.
Bottom: The two fun animal design masks were created by Rita Starnella, each $5, proceeds go towards her making more masks for hospitals and nursing homes … the other striped mask far right was also sent by Jennifer Lawrence, a hairdresser with Julian Farel Salon in NYC.  Rita Starnella is a colorist I worked with at La Coupe, now coloring hair In West Palm Beach Florida. Fred J DeVito has taken many photos at New York Fashion Weeks for me, for Peluquerias Magazine, and his “Street Scene.” My hair was cut over 4 months ago by the one and only Edward Tricomi, Warren-Tricomi Salons. Amazing it looks so good after all these months. Thank you Edward.