John Sahag’s Futuristic Butterfly – 2003

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John Sahag's Futuristic Butterfly – 2003

Photo: © Helen Oppenheim

Futuristic butterflies by John Sahag flew brilliantly at the IBS Fuse Show in 2003. All the heads were braided, wrapped, twisted, knotted, in butterfly shapes. Meticulously engineered couture hairpieces (which took 4 hairdressers and 4 assistants 4 weeks to create) were cut-up, colored, entwined, tied with elastics and attached.  For more Sahag butterflies buzzing, click and scroll from HERE 

Hair: John Sahag and The John Sahag Workshop Team … Makeup: Jun Funahashi … Butterfly Tattoo: Stephanie Tomaz … Fashions: Gaelyn & Cianfarani … Fashion Styling: Lisa Von Weise … Photo: © Helen Oppenheim