Golden Globes Hair Disappoints – 2019

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Golden Globes Hair Disappoints - 2019

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The hair at the Golden Globes for 2019, as with all award shows these days, disappointed. Really there was nothing inspirational, innovative, or even interesting.  And far too many ponytails.  Far too many.  Where has the glamour gone? So many opportunities missed.  No one wants to take a chance.  No one seems to care.  Sad.  Loved the decoration on Ben Wishshaw’s jacket … and the Darren Criss Dior jacket next to it.   Lady Gaga’s powder blue hair color by Frederic Aspiras looked good with her sensational Valentino Couture dress but the convoluted concoction of a style was just another disappointment.  Charlize Theron always looks beautiful, even with her slick backed hair  … Lucy Boynton’s messy bob was just a little too thatchy messy … Rachel Weiz’s white ruffled dress was romantic … Ryan Seacrest wore a burgundy velvet jacket … Danai Gurira hair looked good (bottom left)  …  Lupita Nyong-o’s bright blue eye makeup by Nick Barose was a stand out … Janelle Monae  made it happen on top with her  gold leather hat and braided buns.   Hoping for more at the Oscars, but not holding my breath …

Photos:  Ben Wishshaw top left photo IMb
Gaga’s dress bottom right photo: Jordan Strauss, Washington Post/Invision
All the rest by Helen Oppenheim from E-TV and NBC-TV with thanks.