Sahag Hair Ready for Fashion Shows – 1996+97

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Sahag Hair Ready for Fashion Shows - 1996+97

Photos Top Row: © Helen Oppenheim. Bottom Row: © David Webber

Hair history is here. Check out the hair ready for Fashion Shows by John Sahag, his dedicated Workshop Teams, and all the hair staff, who worked day and night (often way past midnight) weekends and their days off to make it all happen. “Haute coiffure” hand-sewn 100% human hair pieces by the hundreds, Sahag-style. The hairpieces were spread out all over the place – on trestle tables, radiators, and the floor of the Workshop for days, even when the salon was busy with clients. This is why Sahag called his salon a Workshop.
Top Row: Hairpieces in color way before their time for high fashion shows. These were some of hundreds made for the Gen Art “Fresh Faces” Fall 1997 New York Fashion Week Show. To see models wearing the pieces from this “tour de force” show, click HERE
Bottom Row: Some of the 157 human hair pieces in 30-40 different textures created for 33 models at the Issey Miyake Spring 1996 Paris Fashion Week Show. To see the models wearing the “modern, young, playful, abstract hairstyles” click HERE

Photos Top Row: © Helen Oppenheim.   Bottom Row: © David Webber


John Sahag Cool Pin Idea – l997

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John Sahag Cool Pin Idea - 1997

Photo: © Helen Oppenheim

How cool is this?  Here is John Sahag backstage at a fashion show wearing pants with strategic holes so he could place pins he’d be needing easily and fast as he prepared for the show.  Only the Legendary Sahag could come up with this solution to an access problem!

For the hair from this Gen Art Fashion Week Fall 1997  show, a “Tour de Force”, click here:


John Sahag Ponytail Extravaganza – 1997

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John Sahag Ponytail Extravaganza – 1997

Photo: © David Webber

The legendary John Sahag somtimes sketched his hair ideas before a fashion show. As he did here for the Gen Art NY Fashion Week Show for Fall 1997. And look at the result of the bottom sketch! Not just a ponytail!

Hair was designed with a lot of action – for one designer, a ponytail extravaganza!  This show was a “Tour de Force” for John Sahag, always an original, and featured 8 up and coming fashion designers who each designed 10 outfits. Sahag and his Workshop Team created 8 different – and unique – hair looks, one for each designer. It’s worth a click to see the hair. At the end of the album, some of what went on behind the scenes, click here: 

Hair and Sketch, John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop … Photo: David Webber