Two In One, The Genius of John Sahag – 1997

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Two in One, Genius of John Sahag

Photos: © Helen Oppenheim

With color and cut inspired by the Manhattan skyline at night, the genius of the legendary John Sahag can be seen in these two very different looks which have one haircut and one hair color. On the left is what he called the painted canvas with cut and color precisely shown for a special night out on the town. On the right, the precise cut and color are hidden by Sahag’s magical styling.   This was 1997 and hair color with a cut like this had not been before, nor had a top model ever allowed anyone to do anything like this magic, as Siberian-born SuperModel Irina Penteava did on her hair.  And these  looks are as relevant today as then.  For cut and color how-to’s, more versions, click:

Hair Concept/Cut & Color: John Sahag, The John Sahag Workshop … Hair Color: Dario Arias … Makeup: Susan Houser … Fashion Styling: Lisa von Weise … Fashions: Elisa Jimenez/The Hunger World … Gloves: Naomi Misle … Model: Irina … Photos: Helen Oppenheim.