Happy Holidays To All -2021

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Happy Holidays To All -2021

Illustration George Karkoulas 1991


Wishing all my Followers on Helen’s Blog Happy Holidays and all the very best for a better 2022.

This illustration was by George Karkoulas in 1991. A very talented hairdresser who was also one of the best ever hair illustrators the world has seen.  Karkoulas (1954-1993) used to send me illustrations like this to publish in my articles for various magazines.  You can see more of his inspirational illustrations, which have stood the test of time, and not dated, in my Archives  on my Website/WorldGreats – CLICK HERE


Happy Holidays – 2020

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Happy Holidays - 2020

Illustration: George Karkoulas

Wishing all my Blog followers Happy Holidays with this 1991 illustration by George Karkoulas (1954-1993) For many years George sent me his gorgeous illustrations.  To see more of them, and more of the Holiday Cards I made with them, CLICK HERE


George Karkoulas – Early 90s

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