Painting of John Sahag Inspired by Photo – 2015

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Painting of John Sahag Inspired by 1985 Photo - 2015

Painting Giovanni Decunto from Lawrence Ivy/New York Magazine Photo

Painting by Giovanni Decunto of John Sahag. Auctioned at the Boston WWBE Tribute event May 17, 2015.  Bidding started at 10K. His paintings usually go to $60,000. Waiting to hear how much it went for and how much to whom. Proceeds from the auction, to go to the end of the year, will benefit the Lung Cancer Alliance.

Disappointing nobody -and none of my friends –  picked up on this.  See the Lawrence Ivy photo (detail) of John Sahag, courtesy of New York Magazine, 1985 which inspired this painting. The full original on my website, which hadn’t been seen since the early 80s, a photo I scanned and meticulously retouched,  can be seen if you click here