Golden Globes Hair Not New Or Exciting – 2015

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Golden Globes Hair  Nothing New Or Exciting – 2015

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Hair was more groomed for the 2015 Golden Globes Awards. Nothing new, or madly exciting, boring in fact, but not as messy, except for Sienna Miller’s just-got-out-of-the-water disaster.   The movies didn’t excite me any more than the hair. Except for Benedict Cumberbatch in “The Imitation Game” and that didn’t win anything! Must admit I watched the 2nd episode of “Downton Abbey” for an hour inbetween so may have missed something. Photos here include the scene at the 72nd Golden Globes at the Beverly Hills Hilton and Tina Fey with Amy Poehler, both terrific in their last of three gigs as hosts, sob, sigh.

Big loose waves were the look for long hair and lobs. Seen here on Julianne Moore, winning Best Drama Award for “Alice Still” and Emma Stone’s red loosely waved lob with a long thin barrette at the back (not shown.) Eddie Redmayne, always classy, won best Actor Drama for ” The Theory of Everything.”

Chic chignons have returned. Elegant but most kind of boring old lady.   Better than the messy ones of late though. Kate Hudson’s white Versace dress was a stunner, worn with a chignon low on the nape by David Balbail.   ‘Gone Girl’s” Rosemary Pike, who had a baby 5 weeks ago, wore her bob straight, tucked behind one ear, with a dramatic cut-out Vera Wang dress.

Joanne Froggatt won her Award as Anna Bates in the rape victim episode of “Downton Abbey” and wore braids on top and back. Not sure about Keira Knightley’s front view, but she had a large feather-like diamond hair accessory at the back which looked interesting (not shown.) E-TV’s Kelly Osbourne’s lilac look had shaved sides and rose high on front (not shown) looked super mod and actually suited her, but not with that dress.

Jennifer Lopez looked hot and sexy from top to toe, with a lot of hair color action in her glam big hair worn with serious cleavage, another big look of the night. Jennifer Aniston’s hair, by Chris MacMillan, was dark, an unflattering boring updo.

Naomi Watt’s diamond snake necklace looked great. Harrison Ford wore an earring, Alma Clooney’s white gloves, said to be sewn together by her that morning, with a black Dior dress caused a fashion stir.

Ruth Wilson of Showtime’s “The Affair” won Best Actress for a Drama Series I loved, loved, loved, but she wins my “The Need Another Hairdresser Award” for her falling apart faux bob.

Photo credits for the 72nd Golden Globes include photos by Steve Granitz/Wire Image for Hollywood Life … Getty … Helen Oppenheim with thanks to NBC-TV.