New Album Sharon Blain’s Hair Art – 2015

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New Album - Sharon Blain's Hair Art – 2015

Photo: Andrew O’Toole

New Must-See Album. The latest WorldGreat on my website, Sharon Blain, Australia’s whirlwind, an esteemed icon, is an educational hair artist and mentor like no other, mostly for long hair, from beautiful bridal hairstyling to stunning avant-garde dressing. Innovation is at the heart of Sharon’s skills and mindset. The Sharon Blain Boot Camp courses and workshops are given literally all over the world. (You can attend her Master Class Live at the International Beauty Show March 12, 2017.) Meanwhile, this stunning image is from her 2015 Infinity Collection, conceived merging a juxtaposition of mythological Egyptian Gods and delicate marine life. She explored how to work hair to a fabric like texture, with endless possibilities. There are 25 amazing photos and 7 how-to videos in this new album.  To see more about this inspirational image, scroll down to the video, click HERE

Hair: Sharon Blain … Product: Goldwell … Hairpieces: Headlines Hairpieces … Makeup: Rachel Montgomery … Stylist: Emily Sue Yee … Creative Designer: Kr Creative … Photo: Andrew O’Toole


Lace “Hair” Comes To The Head – 2016

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Lace "Hair" Comes To The Head - 2016

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

A lovely lace look comes to the head, by Sharon Blain for the Intercoiffure Fall Atelier as part of her Twisted Aura Collection which wowed them at the Waldorf Astoria last weekend.  The collection presented on stage was inspired by Alexander McQueen after a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  “I was desperate to re-create the looks for hair,” Sharon Blain informed the audience at her knock-out show.   Lace is everywhere right now, so why not lace on the head. To construct this look, the model had a cap placed over her head covering her own hair, the swirls and hair for the laced look were added just like a beautiful hairstyle which included, later, some unusual hair texture being added at the back.  To see more of all this brilliance, click HERE

Hair: Sharon Blain (with Julie Hagney) – ICA/Goldwell … Products: Goldwell  … Makeup: Cheryl Eposito/Becca … Fashion Stylist : Rod Novoa … Photo: Helen oppenheim


Sharon Blain Hair Magic @ Intercoiffure – 2016

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Sharon Blain Hair Magic @ Intercoiffure - 2016

Photos: Helen Oppenheim

New album, just up. Sharon Blain and her avant-garde hair got a standing ovation at the Intercoiffure America/Canada Fall 2016 Atelier which took place at the Waldorf Astoria in New York.  The Twisted Aura looks were inspired by and an ode to Alexander McQueen, long an inspiration of the Australian whirlwind who is behind the Boot Camp and Art Education seminars wowing them all over the world.  Literally.   The hair masterpieces, sponsored by Goldwell USA, included a combination of textures, many like no others, braids, lace caps, face masks and more. Get inspired. To see and read the magic, click HERE  

Hair: Sharon Blain – ICA/Goldwell … Products: Goldwell Stylesign Hot Form, Diamond Gloss   … Makeup: Cheryl Eposito/Becca … Fashion Stylist : Rod Novoa … Model:Robyn Williamson … Photos: Helen oppenheim