Google Glasses For Cool Ones – 2014

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Google Glasses For Cool Ones - 2014

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

Google Glasses, according to the June 28-29 Weekend issue of The Wall Street Journal Off Duty Page One article, are going to make an impact during the tourist season. They are available now (“on and off”) through Google, Diane Von Furstenberg, Net-A-Porter, at a cost of some $1,500 but the official launch is expected only in several months. Expect them to drop in price as they become more readily available and perhaps even give the smart phone some competition, one day. After all, you can take a photo with this heady smart phone, get directions, find a restaurant, look totally cool to those who know, and not look like a tourist to those who do not.

Google Glasses worn here by Victoria Gamien, Director of Marketing,, photographed for my Seen on Scene Blog, Day 4, at the Lincoln Center during the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week for Fall 2014.

Photo: Helen Oppenheim


Seen On Scene NY Fashion Week Day 4 – Fall 2014

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Photos: Helen Oppenheim ...  Collage:

Photos: Helen Oppenheim … Collage:

Day 4 at New York Fashion Week for Fall  2014.  Top left to right: Google glasses worn by Victoria Gamlen, Director of Marketing … Model on her way to the Tracy Reese show wearing a Tracy Reese coat I want! …  Casual chic with hat … Mother and Daughter on their way to a show, both looking fantabulous …
2nd row left to right:  Fashion chic from top to toe being interviewed by …  fascinator hat on the Lincoln Center Plaza … all  warm in winter whites on a cold day … She colored her hair here and there herself, something more and more fashionable ones will be doing in the future.  Zak, Warren-Tricomi hairdresser with his new look, cut by Naoko, colored by David, both with the Salon at the Plaza Hotel and Zak shows how to wear your shirt when you’re hot!   It’s all in the details.  To see these photos bigger, click on Seen on Scene on the website shortly.