Harry King, WorldGreat – 1976

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Harry King, WorldGreat - 1976

Photo: Norman Parkinson

Harry King described this 1976 hair cut on Yolande Gilot for GQ Magazine as “a revolutionary haircut.”

“I cut Yolande’s hair off, many different lengths.  No one had ever cut hair this way before,” he said. “It wasn’t cut in the conventional way, apart from taking sections from the back and working forward.  Within my sections, I cut into the hair, not the ends, cutting in all directions and lengths.” This short, flattering haircut is very  modern and wearable  today, even though it was done in the seventies. For more Harry King, go to WorldGreats 

Hair: Harry King … Stylist: Julie Britt … Editor: Meredith Ethrington Smith … Photographer © Norman Parkinson