Graham Wren Vidal Sassoon 70s/80s RIP

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Graham Wren Vidal Sassoon 70s/80s RIP

Photosa; Unknown and Lorraine Sylvestre.Collage

Graham Wren, RIP. This very special man and talent will be missed. He was International Art Director, Vidal Sassoon, based in New York and without him, all the great work in North America from 1979-1981 would not have happened  Here are just a few of his hairstyles, from 1979 and 1981, not his usual hairstyles but all lovely and. innovative at the time

Top Row: Graham Wren, late 70s.     1.  Modern Marlene from the Soft Cubism Collection, 1979,  inspired by Marlene Dietrich in the 1931 movie “Dishonoured”,   Photo Unknown.
2.  Crimped up/down look from the HighHair Collection, 1980.  Makeup Ted Nadal, Model: Danielle,
Photo Lorraine Sylvestre
Bottom Row: 3.  From the P-P-Puff Collection, 1981.  Makeup: Mariella Smith-Masters,
Model Kay Romero, Photo Lorraine Sylvestre.
4.  Gold Lamé Rags set the Kay Romero P-P-Puff left. Photo Lorraine Sylvestre
5.  The P-P-Puff, a soft sexy look, Makeup: Mariella Smith-Masters, Model: Danielle,
Photo Lorraine Sylvestre
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