“Hyperreal “Hair Color British Vogue – 2022

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“Hyperreal “Hair Color British Vogue – 2022

Photos: Richard Burbridge

Guido Palau, who innovates for the world’s top magazines and fashion designers, thinks “hyperreal” hair color is verging.  A long way from “realness.” He thinks it feels almost computerized.   Lena Ott, who collaborated and helped create this “Head Trip” for the December issue of British Vogue, thinks there is a sci-fi anime feeling here. There is.   Take note, hair color is not going to be only natural looking, as it was, colorific hair has been on the horizon for many years now, and is about to become even more exciting. (Thanks for the heads up Fred J. DeVito!)

HaIr Stylist: Guido Palau/Art + Commerce … Hair Colorist: Lena Ott/Streeters/Suite Carolina Salon … Makeup: Diane Kendal/Julian Watson…  Nails: Jin Soon Choi/Home … Fashion Editor/Stylist: Patrick Mackie … Beauty Editor: Jessica Diner … Models.Cassie Wong and  Oisi Feng
Photos: Richard Burbridge/Art + Commerce