New Album Up – Guy, My Man

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New Album Up - Guy,My Man

Photo: Helen Oppenheim

Just put up a new album. Guy, my husband, over the years, from a 3 year old to now, often with me. He is one a kind, and a man of the world. Speaks French (his Mother tongue), Italian and English fluently, and also speaks other languages, like Spanish. He has an ear for languages.  Whichever country we travel to, he knows a few words. He even started to learn Japanese at one time, and Chinese. Even if he knows a few words, he speaks them perfectly. Unlike me! I have no ear for languages. His love over many moons has allowed me to do all I do, he always supported me, and we laugh a lot.  Here is Guy, pronounced the French way, at the Léger Museum, Biot, South of France. To see the album, click 

Photo: Helen Oppenheim