The Frizzie Lizzie – 1967

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Photo: Unknown

Photo: Unknown

This 1967 photo of The Frizzie Lizzie inspired by glamorous ’30s hair was by Charles Booth for La Coupe in Montreal (before he opened in NYC.)  The photo inspired Harold Leighton in 2014; he has written an article for The Epoque Times – “Hair Fit For The Oscars” which also shows more La Coupe  photos from the ’70s to ’90s.  We love the fact Harold and Epoque love our hair from the Archives on this website all these decades later.  To read the online version of the article, click here.  (Full page newspaper version to come.)   For more on the Frizzie Lizzie and La Coupe’s ’60s hair, click

Hair: Charles Booth, La Coupe … Photo/Model: Unknown