Chroma 3D Hair Color Inspirations – 2020

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Chroma 3D Hair Color Inspirations - 2020

Photo: Paula Tizzard

The hair is the canvas. Hair color possibilities are endless. Here are two painterly bobs, by Rossa Jurenas, North American Color Director at Schwarzkopf Professional, and a Finalist nominated in the Hair Color Category at NAHA 2020, awards ceremony taking place on January 25, 2020.. The color was inspired by Gucci and Chroma, which makes use of 3D holograms to produce effects like these. If you want to wear your hair color for longer, get the effect on a wig. Who can tell if it is a wig these days, if it is a good wig. Think of it as a cool hat!

Hair:Rossa Jurenas, Tillonburg, Ontario, Canada … Makeup: Florencia Taylor … Fashion Styling: Swish Productions … Photos: Paula Tizzard for NAHA/PBA


Angelo Seminara Texture/Color Play – 2010

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Photo: Andrew O "Toole

Photo: Andrew 0’Toole

I get a notice at least once a week, sometimes more, that this photo has been Saved on my Pinterest.  Which I haven’t been  on since i deleted my best album there by mistake and they were unhelpful in getting it back.  So, I am spotlighting this hair again from The Ten Collection (2010) by Angelo Seminara, hair that has  always fascinated me. It is a play with textures and colors and is like no other hair I’ve ever seen before.  For more about this unique, highly innovative hair artist (Multi times voted Hairdresser of  the Year in the UK)  and more of his stunning photos and hair ideas, go to WorldGreats archived on my website –  click here

Hair: Angelo Seminara … Makeup: Imogen Snell … Photo: © Andrew O’Toole


Macarons Inspire Sweet Hair Color – 2016

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 Macarons Inspire Sweet Hair Color – 2016

Photos: © Shelly Gregory & La Durée

The line-ups for La Durée’s Macarons in New York are always long because they are delicious, the very best. Shelley Gregory, Square Salon in Las Vegas, created mouth-watering multi-colors for superbly styled hair inspired by the macarons. She mixed Pravana colors in 7 separate bowls (Silver, Coral, Mystic Mint, Violet + Clear, Blissful Blue, pink, Yellow) and applied EmBee Meche between sections to keep it all clean, and then customized some magic effects   “I wanted to take the color up a notch by layering pastel colors in a soft romantic way so the color stands out and looks trendy but is still chic and approachable,” she said. My article on these lovely looks appeared in my March 2016 column in Peluquerias Magazine, published in Barcelona Spain. Bravo, Shelley. Yum!

Hair Color/Photos: Shelley Gregory, Square Salon, Las Vegas … Hair Color: Pravana
Macaron Photos: La Durée


Sahag And Innovative Hair Color Video – 1997

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 Sahag And Innovative Hair Color Video – 1997

Screehshots from video … Photo Bottom Left: John Sahag … Collage by

Here is Jeanne Beker interviewing John Sahag at his creative and charming best for Fashion TV’s Real Life in 1997. You can catch glimpses of Dario Arias, Albert Narcisse, Jennifer Chune, three of Sahag’s colorists in action, and the colorific color extensions at the end were by Santino Acquista, the fourth Sahag colorist, the person who did the color on top left, who created fast add-on/take-off color extensions. First. For those into hair history, he used a tiny comb.

Bottom left photo of this collage is the team who participated in the video, with models and me, who organized it.   Left to right: Jennifer Chune (colorist) … Dario Arias (Colorist) … model … Helen Oppenheim … Lillo Rugusa (stylist just seen) … Model … Model … Albert Narcisse (Colorist).   Photo by John Sahag. Collage with screenshots by

Click to see the video HERE 
(with thanks to Ezel, who transferred a forgotten video for me from vhs to digital.)


John Sahag’s Rachel Saga Part ll – 1996

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John Sahag - Rachel Saga Part ll - 1996

Photo: Eva Mueller

From the Rachel Saga Part ll Collection by John Sahag – 1996.  The  hair color saga continued from Part l with this Multi-Cut.  It is now 6 months since Rachel Bick’s hair turned green after a swim in a pool filled with chlorine.  With colorist, Jennifer Chune, Sahag decided to get her black roots grow in and, with a burst of creative energy, he took the cut to somewhere else to create a very new texture within the cut.  “This opened up new horizons in my imagination …  unlimited multi-shapes within one cut, integrating Rachel’s new regrowth for a totally modern approach to color,” said the legendary hairdresser.  For more, go to HairThen, John Sahag, Press Photos, Rachel’s Saga Part ll on

Hair: John Sahag, John Sahag Workshop … Color: Jennifer Chune …Makeup: Susan Houser … Fashion Styling: Lisa Von Weisse … Dress: Elisa Jimenez … Model: Rachel Bick … Photo: Eva Mueller … Produced by Helen Oppenheim


Shine-On Lights – 1974

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Shine-On Lights


More art deco.  With shine-on lights, color just where the light would shine on straight hair.  This idea got more press in all the major magazines at the time than any of the many inspirational stories in La Coupe’s 1974 Art Deco campaign. For more, much more, and how-to’s for color and cuts, go to HairThen, La Coupe, 70s, Art Deco on this website.

Top, and color detail center from NY Sunday News Magazine 2 page spread … left  gold shine-on,  and center bottom,  burgundy shine-on,  photos by Serge Beauchemin.   Photo right, blue shine-on, photo by Lorraine Sylvestre, illustration by Tom Huffman, all  hair by Charles Booth, La Coupe.  Concept/Produced by Helen Oppenheim