Twin Peaks Coiffure – 1991

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Twin Peaks Coiffure - 1991

Photo: Courtesy Ulrich Graf

As “Twin Peaks” the weird David Lynch soap-opera murder mystery tv series returns and continues 25 years later on ShowTime starting May 21, I remembered this tongue in cheek Peaks Freaks page I did in UK’s Hair Magazine in 1991, at the height of Twin Peaks madness.   The hair concoction was by Ulrich Graf of West Germany and came complete with a valley, a hair waterfall, squishy soft waves and something similar to two donuts perched atop each peak.  “This,” I wrote, was no cherry pie do worn by Laura Palmer, the murdered homecoming queen with something-else-going on, and unlike the oddly old-fashioned ’50s glam looks seen on almost everyone else flitting through Twin Peaks.  But our waving beauty is, well, weird and wonderful – just like the quirky surreal serial.”  I ended with  “Got that, Diane!”