The Queue, Vidal Sassoon – 1980

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Photo (from a laser copy): Lorraine Sylvestre

Photo (from a laser copy): Lorraine Sylvestre

There was a fencing and romantic theme to Vidal Sassoon’s 1980 Queue Collection.  The hair was romantic, the shirts had frills and ruffles, very new that season.  The Queue made short hair long, in a flash.  For both him and her.  The all-in-one hair ornament, invented by Avram of Vidal Sassoon, NY, included a brushed gold bow to cover the ponytail, clipped onto the hair in one simple movement.

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Her Hair: Avram, His Hair: Barbara Melser, Vidal Sassoon, NY, 1980 … Makeup: Ted Nadel …  Models: Lynn Snowden and Avram … Photo (scan from a laser copy here, original lost) : Lorraine Sylvestre