Angelo Seminara Texture/Color Play – 2010

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Photo: Andrew O "Toole

Photo: Andrew 0’Toole

I get a notice at least once a week, sometimes more, that this photo has been Saved on my Pinterest.  Which I haven’t been  on since i deleted my best album there by mistake and they were unhelpful in getting it back.  So, I am spotlighting this hair again from The Ten Collection (2010) by Angelo Seminara, hair that has  always fascinated me. It is a play with textures and colors and is like no other hair I’ve ever seen before.  For more about this unique, highly innovative hair artist (Multi times voted Hairdresser of  the Year in the UK)  and more of his stunning photos and hair ideas, go to WorldGreats archived on my website –  click here

Hair: Angelo Seminara … Makeup: Imogen Snell … Photo: © Andrew O’Toole