Rave for Waves Continues – 1990s

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Rave for Waves Continues – 1990s

Photo: Eric Fisher

I was doing some research going through some of many old portfolios in my Helen Oppenheim Hair Libary and found this waving beauty by Eric Fisher on a Peluquerias page in an early 1990s portfolio. I always loved it. The rave for waves continues to this day and these are amongst the best. “Back to the future, sailing forth to new horizons,” I wrote at the time.   Well, who wouldn’t love to go out on the town with waves like these today? Wonderful …

Hair: Eric Fisher, Eric Fisher Salon, Wichita, Kansas … Photo: Eric Fisher


Downton Abbey, Bobbed Hair At Last! – 2015

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Downton Abbey, Bobbed Hair At Last! -  2015

Collage by helenoppenheim.com

At last! A bobbed haircut has arrived at Downtown Abbey, shown on on PBS-TV last night. Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) went to her hairdresser, top left, and did it. Love all the wonderful waves but it is time for the ’20s to come roaring in and hair fashion to make its statement, along with all the beautiful hair jewelry and hats, some of which are shown here from the ITV hit series which started  in the Edwardian era with such amazing meticulously researched and inspirational fashions.  So, who is next? Lady Edith. Will she bob?  Or, more likely, it will be Lady Rose. Or will someone downstairs take the step? No spoilers please from the UK, who have seen the series. We in America are still on Series 5.

Photos from google.com, tumblr, dailymail.co.uk, itv, pbs-tv, RadioTimes, LillyJames.com, Ruckas/Briggs and unknowns