Memory. My Bazaar “Haircolor Art” Piece – 1991

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Memory. My Bazaar "Haircolor Art" Piece - 1991

Bazaar – 1991

As Leland Hirsch prepares to launch “a secret new visionary hair product in 2016,” I am reminded of the Jackson Pollock-inspired “Haircolor Art” Piece in the the October issue of Bazaar in 1991. They assigned me to cover HairColor USA in Miami,  he was co-founder.  It was July. Steaming hot. Outside. In the basement of the famous Fountainbleau Hotel, where the event took place for 2 or 3 days, it was freezing cold. I came back with a cold and soaring temperature, and wrote the piece hardly able to sit up. As you can see from the Bazaar Thank You letter to the left, there were changes and my full coverage was not used.  However, it turned out well for the visionary haircolorist, then co-owner of NuBest Salon, and the man behind the brilliant ARTec products, later sold to L’Oréal.

The original assignment came from Carlotta Karlson, the Bazaar Beauty Director  (she  had recommended me to do PR and be Creative Director in-house for Vidal Sassoon USA Salons in 1979.) I am also very proud of the wonderful words by Ellen Breslow of Bazaar, with whom I worked on this piece,  when she returned my portfolio: “Helen: Thanks. Quite a show … reconfirms my belief in you as the hair woman of the Western Hemisphere! Have a great trip and think trends (HOT!) … not only in terms of style and color, but ingredients, products, people, etc., too! Best, Ellen” I floated for a while after that …