Criss-Cross Hair Wrap – 1992

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Criss Cross Hair Wrap - 1992

Photo: Jon Williams

In 1992, the Criss Cross Wrap was an original hair idea invented by Kim Lepine with Renèe Cohen at a La Coupe Creative Evening preparing for the Holiday season.

Two inch wide sections on each side of the head were combed back and criss-crossed one over the other, then  pinned on the opposite side of the head.  The rest of the hair was tied in a low, loose ponytail.  From La Coupe’s Mish Mash album with fab hair from various campaigns.  For more, click here:

Hair: Kim Lepine, Renèe Cohen, La Coupe, New York …Color: Rita Starnella, La Coupe … Model: Linda Paldino … Photo: Jon Williams