Ezel Speaks – 1986

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A must-see video of WorldGreat Ezel being interviewed in 1986 by Dwight Miller for Millers New York/ Zotos International. Ezel, a famous freelance editorial hairdresser with Vogue covers and more to his name, had just arrived in America and listen to his insights on the industry. Be warned! He uses a lot of bad words. A lot! But he is hilarious. And interesting for today as  well as way back then.

Video Produced by Salon Video Network.

For a hoot of a bio and more on WorldGreat Ezel, and his photos in and by all the majors, click


Seen On Scene NY Fashion Week Day 4 – Fall 2014

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Photos: Helen Oppenheim ...  Collage: helenoppenheim.com

Photos: Helen Oppenheim … Collage: helenoppenheim.com

Day 4 at New York Fashion Week for Fall  2014.  Top left to right: Google glasses worn by Victoria Gamlen, Director of Marketing Shopsy.com … Model on her way to the Tracy Reese show wearing a Tracy Reese coat I want! …  Casual chic with hat … Mother and Daughter on their way to a show, both looking fantabulous …
2nd row left to right:  Fashion chic from top to toe being interviewed by fashion.163.com …  fascinator hat on the Lincoln Center Plaza … all  warm in winter whites on a cold day … She colored her hair here and there herself, something more and more fashionable ones will be doing in the future.  Zak, Warren-Tricomi hairdresser with his new look, cut by Naoko, colored by David, both with the Salon at the Plaza Hotel and Zak shows how to wear your shirt when you’re hot!   It’s all in the details.  To see these photos bigger, click on Seen on Scene on the website shortly.


Scene NY Fashion Week Day 1 – Fall 2014

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Photos: Helen Oppenheim ... Collage: helenoppenheim.com

Photos: Helen Oppenheim … Collage: helenoppenheim.com

Day 1 at New York Fashion Week was cold with lots of snow not yet fully cleared when I was there very early in the day!   Not much time but here’s a few fashionables Seen on the Scene. The man on the left was interesting from top to toe, and in between.  He ran off into a taxi before I could get his name and details of all the fun stuff he was wearing.  The lilac hair with furs and different-colored glitter nails is Andy Crosten.  Bottom, shoes photographed in the very long, windy/cold line up for press credentials!  Bottom right is Charis in blue feather fur jacket with hand jewelry.  Backstage photos to come later.  Stay tuned …



Slick-Backs, Scarves, Fashion, Men – Spring 2014

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Photo: © Helen Oppenheim

Photo: © Helen Oppenheim

The Didvik Kuang men line up with slicked-back glossy hair by Jon Reyman.  This collection was by a graduating  student of San Francisco’s famous School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University – one of 7 who got to show their fashions in the prestigious Big Tent during NY Fashion Week Spring 2014.

Didvik Kuang was inspired by Giorgio Armani’s wardrobe for the 1980s movie “American Gigolo” starring Richard Gere. He channeled the look with a lounge wear influence, a pajama like aesthetic and some great scarves tied just so.

Hair: Jon Reyman for Aveda …  Photo: © Helen Oppenheim


Antonio Lopez – 1980

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Antonio Lopez - 1980

Illustration: © Antonio Lopez


New album, just up.  I love love love this Antonio Lopez illustration for a Nihon, Vogue, Japan cover, Spring/Summer 1980.  Love the hair, the face, the illustration.

Antonio Lopez (1943 – 1987) was a major American fashion illustrator who was very into hair and art.  There had been no one like him before, and there has been no one like him since.

I did my first Peluquerias Magazine column on him, in 1982, several pages, each illustration a separate page from the book, “Antonio’s Girls” (pub by Congreve, text by Christopher Hemphill) – the girls being Pat Cleveland, Grace Jones, Tina Chow, Jessica Lange, Jerry Hall and more.

My heart still goes –flutter when I look at his beautiful illustrations, They maybe retro now, but they look very modern and still inspire me.
For more of the girls, Antonio and the book, see Icons on www.helenoppenheim.com

Illustration: © Antonio Lopez
(There is a new book just published in 2012, Antonio Lopez: Fashion, Art, Sex and Disco by Roger Padiha and Mauricio Padiha, published by Rizzoli.)